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Storymaker supports Japanese Toray Group in its European communication activities

Whether it is an industrial product or a good story – outstanding quality depends on outstanding source materials. This is something the advanced materials company Toray Industries, Inc. and Storymaker both agree on. And the shared emphasis on long-term quality has proven a basis for our cooperation with the Japanese company, both in the past and going forward.

Our joint journey first began in October 2017 with some localized press releases and trade fair support. We also supported the development of Toray’s story for the European market. In Japan, the company is without a doubt one of the big players. As a leading advanced materials company, it is well known not only among experts, but also Japan’s general public. In Europe, however, the situation is still different. Toray started its European journey 50 years ago. Today, the company counts some high-profile companies among its customers and is vastly appreciated by its business partners. To further grow in this market, however, Toray realized that increased communication activities with the target audience will be necessary. This is what Toray, together with Storymaker, has set out to do.

To this end, Toray and Storymaker have agreed to work on a strategy to strengthen Toray’s presence in Europe: We will support Toray Industries Europe and other European subsidiaries of the Toray Group with continuous and localized PR and communications work. Communications support for trade fairs and other events will also be part of our work for the Toray Group.

Toray Industries, Inc. is a Japanese company spezializing in cutting-ege materials and material technology. The Tokyo-based company was founded in 1926 and started out as a Rayon manufacturer. Throughout its long history, the company has continually expanded and adapted its product range to adjust to changing market conditions. Today, the product range of the whole Toray Group includes textiles and fibers, but also plastics and high-performance chemicals, carbon fiber composite materials and medical products. Furthermore, the company provides a number of services in the areas of engineering, housing and material analysis, among others.

As an integrated manufacturer, Toray, together with its customers, is often involved in the entire production process – from the raw materials through processing to the sale of the end product. As a result, the company achieves a special depth of competence in every step of value creation. We look forward to helping Toray in conveying its unique company core story to European and German audiences.

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