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Exciting projects, great team spirit and flexible working conditions – that's what working at Storymaker is all about.

Are you a Storymaker?

We believe that every employee has their own strengths and qualities – and that that's a good thing. From networkers to filmmakers, from journalists to social media experts: Our team is eclectic. What unites us is our love of good stories, curiosity about new topics and challenges, dedication, and a respectful attitude toward customers, service providers and colleagues. Energetic team players with a passion for storytelling – That sounds like you? Then we might just be the right fit for you!

Welcome Aboard

For trainees and master's students, we have a separate coordination office on top of your mentor, which will always have an open ear and provide you with feedback. Every Wednesday, there is a "pretzel breakfast" – an informal get-together with stories about this and that. Here, your colleagues are eager to hear your story: Who are you?

Now you can get started. Your team leader will introduce you to customer projects and discuss tasks. In the first months, you will have a Tübingen story time with Storymaker founder Heidi. Björn will introduce you to our culture of innovation, and the other members of the management team will give courses in story conception, China marketing and project management.

After half a year at the latest, you'll have learned how our spaceship works and know your roles and tasks on board.

Ready for take off!

We Offer Vocational Training

We are looking for communication professionals – and those who wish to become one. To us, enthusiasm for our customers and their topics is more important than professional experience. That's why we offer two different training programs for career starters and industry newcomers:

Trainee for Corporate Communication and PR

Duration: 18 months with internal workshops and external basic training (followed by an exam)

Requirements: university degree

Part-time master's program

- Digital Communication
- Strategic Communication and PR

Duration: 24 months of combined work and studies, followed by 24 months as a Junior Account Executive

We offer

Open-ended contracts

We are very committed to long-term working relationships where everyone is pulling in the same direction. That is why all of our contracts are open-ended.

Professional growth

We invest in the ongoing education of our employees. Not only does every colleague take part in numerous internal training courses – once a year, they can attend two days of advanced training with an external provider. We cover the costs!

Age-appropriate annual leave

All employees without exception are guaranteed 28 days of annual leave, with one additional day added every ten years after the age of 30.

Flexible hours

Here, no one has to start work at 8:00 am. Everyone is free to schedule their 40-hour week around customer requirements and our core working hours (10 am to 5 pm).

Remote working

Our employees can work from home – not just during a pandemic. All employees can take four home office days a month. No need to take a day off to open the door for the handyman.

Family-friendly solutions

We don't want our families to have to take a back seat. That's why we've always found a solution when employees want to take a break to care for relatives or children.

Team spirit

Our agency thrives on the WE – within our teams as well as in the agency as a whole and across locations. And we celebrate this on a regular basis – not just at Christmas. Once a year, we close up shop to gather together and do something special.

Exciting projects

People who choose an agency as their employer usually crave variety. That's what you get with us: We support clients from different industries with wide-ranging topics, which means that we are always working on new and exciting projects.

Modern workspaces

A beautiful environment inspires and promotes a sense of comfort. That's why we offer every employee their own workspace, equipped with high-quality USM furniture and state-of-the-art office equipment.

We like to be out and about


We like to celebrate


We educate ourselves


We are teamplayers


We are always looking for project managers, editors, digital communicators, consultants, creatives or storytellers – newcomers or experts.

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