Alipay: More than a Payment App

As a certified Alipay partner, we help you attract Chinese customers in Germany.

A Digital World Made in China

Chinese customers are one of the most attractive target groups for retailers – also in Germany. But you cannot reach them through the usual Western platforms. China has developed its very own digital world, and mobile payment is the absolute standard: almost 80 percent of transactions now take place on mobile devices.

With over 600 million active users, Alipay is the world's leading mobile payment application. But it can do much more than that: Through various advertising formats, vendors can engage customers, issue coupons and encourage them to visit their shops. Increasingly, Chinese customers expect these digital services abroad as well. Anyone hoping to reach them would therefore be well advised to use Alipay as a payment app and marketing platform.

Alipay Marketing with Storymaker

Storymaker has been a certified Alipay marketing partner since July 2017 and offers European vendors access to the platform's various marketing opportunities.

Through content marketing and recommendation management by customers and influencers, we make sure that potential customers can already find your content while they are preparing for their trip. In addition, you gain access to campaigns which Alipay regularly organizes for retailers.

Our Services:

  • Local tracking: Reach Chinese customers directly where they are at any given moment
  • Storefront listing: Make your business visible on the Alipay city page

  • Coupons and other promotions: Increase the attractiveness of your store with special offers for Chinese tourists
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