About Storymaker

Journalists, digital natives, PR specialists, technology experts, directors, photographers, moderators, project managers – our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and brings a range of expertise. If we require additional skills, our internal team will also turn to external partners. Such as freelancers who bring special knowledge, agencies with specific know-how, and our partners in other countries, like China.

What unites us is a passionate interest in good stories about fascinating companies, products and technologies. And the story is more than just neatly-packaged content. We view a story as core to a company’s brand: it’s unique and impossible to copy because it concerns the whole story behind the company. Our goal is to convey this story consistently and clearly, ensuring every recipient shares the same view of the company and understands the management’s vision.

We tell a company’s story across all touchpoints – whether printed, filmed, posted, in Germany or in new markets, nationally and internationally. In doing so, we prepare the story to fit the target audience and media. Then we connect all touchpoints along the customer journey.